Koh Klang

Koh Klang may be only a 10 minute boat journey from Krabi town, but it feels like you are stepping into a different world, as Koh Klang has preserved the old ways of southern Thai Muslim culture. There are no cars on the island, and Islam’s traditional moral guidelines are strictly adhered to, and this includes tourists. There are no dogs on the island and you need to show respect in the way you dress. Signs which are posted throughout the island make this perfectly clear – “Calm, Quiet and Traditional”

The sea is the primary resource of the island with the majority of fishermen catching prawns, fish and crab from the local waters. Batik fabrics are produced locally. You can stop off and try your hand at painting them. It is said that the longtail boat was first built on Koh Klang. Although I can’t confirm if that is fact, there are quite a few men who specialise in the construction of miniature longtail boats, most of which are sold to tourists as souvenirs. You can book an island tour which will cover the batik fabric painting as well as the boat building, with lunch at Baan Ma Yhing Seafood Restaurant, it looks like a shack but the seafood is excellent.

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Baan Ma Yhing Restaurant

Rice fields cover much of the interior, where they grew khao sang yod, a prized organic purple grain rice, we were told that Koh Klang is the only place where it’s cultivated.

Football Field for Buffalo

The island is connected only by longtail boats from Chaofah Pier (centre of Krabi town). However as we were staying at the Islanda Hideaway Resort (the only hotel on the island). We arranged to be picked up from the airport and came across from the Marina in the hotels own longtail.

Ocean Front Bungalow at the Islanda Hideaway Resort

As we were looking for a place just to relax for a few days it couldn’t have been better. It isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for a few days in a wonderful beach location, in a traditional island then we would recommend it. 

The hotel is excellent, slightly expensive but was worth it just to relax, we had an ocean front bungalow right on the beach. The hotel has everything you would expect from a high end resort. A salt water infinity pool, Sea Breeze restaurant which has local, as well as western menus and the food was excellent. The Village bar (the only on the island). A small gym, free bikes and kayaks as well as a tour desk. All run under the watchful eye of “Mr. Big” who is not only a character but also a great host.   

So our overall assessment of Koh Klang, if you are looking for peace, tranquility and just want to relax it is certainly worth a visit and as it is so close to Krabi town it’s definitely worth a day visit. If you are staying on the island and, like us, are looking to do things rather than just beach bum then it only has 3 days in it.

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