Around the World in 90 Days

A little about us

We are a married professional couple Derek and Julie in our 50s who live in the Cotswold’s, our two main passions are travel and food. We have both travelled the world extensively for work and pleasure.

In her younger days Julie spent 8 years on cruise ships travelling the globe, then had various sales roles before deciding to return to further education and is now a Financial Advisor. Derek has worked in the oil and gas industry all his life, on rotation working for 28 days, then having 28 days off. He has worked in Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Azerbaijan and at the moment based in Myanmar as an Offshore Installation Manager.

This lifestyle affords us the luxury to travel which we do for 90 days each year, hence the name of our blog – Around the World in 90 Days. Usually split between Asia and Europe, but we have also visited South Africa, USA and the Caribbean.

Our other passion is food if it is cooking at home for the family, or dining out we have eaten in Michelin Star restaurants as well as shacks on some remote Thai beach or the side of a highway in Vietnam.

We decided to start a blog as there seemed so many travel and food blogs for backpackers and the real luxury top end, but nothing for people who were comfortable financially and love to travel but wanted more than just a package tour.



Lanzarote – Spain

Sailing the Adriatic Islands – Croatia

Langkawi – Malaysia

Sicily – Italy






Cap Martinet – Ibiza

Mallorca – Spain

Paris – France

Dublin – Ireland




Road trip through Basque Country – Spain


Dordogne – France

Mallorca – Spain

Lanzarote – Spain